Aaverage livestock prices (R/kg): 17/05/2024 Cattle: A= R 54.15 B= R 46.90 C= R 43.35 Weaner calf=R 29.28 Sheep: A= R84.51 B= R 62.06 C= R 54.98 Feeder lamb= R 42.09 Pigs: Porkers= R 31.16 Baconer= R 31.01 SAFEX YMAZ Spot price- 16 May 2024: R 3946/t Auth FSP and NCRCP7
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Stand out from the herd!

About Us

AGRISALES LIVESTOCK is a joint venture between Steve Botha and Dave McKenzie, marrying Dave’s extensive experience in livestock marketing and sales with the well-recognized Agrisales brand established by Steve over the past twenty years. Agrisales Livestock is able to capitalize on the immediate broad exposure it offers farmers, as well as supply and service related businesses serving the agricultural livestock industry.

Steve Botha

Agrisales has built a name as the premier printed and online portal for agricultural machinery and services in South Africa. The Agrisales Brand is well established in the Agricultural sector printing thirty thousand copies and distributing those to over seven hundred outlets monthly. Growing the Agrisales brand to incorporate livestock was a natural progression and one which will further enable the farmer to take control of their marketing.

Dave McKenzie

Dave has a BSc Agric degree from the then University of Natal (KZN) and has worked in the agricultural field, both locally and abroad, for over 20 years. Dave has over ten years’ experience in the direct sales and marketing of livestock, having worked as a livestock agent in KZN since 2011, consulting directly with farmers and running livestock auctions. He has an in depth knowledge of farmers advertising and marketing requirements with respect to the sales and purchases of their livestock.